Oil & Grease Analysis Solutions

A comprehensive oil analysis program reduces unexpected failures and costly downtime.

Featured Products

MiniLab Series - For Industrial
MicroLab Series - For Fleets
FieldLab 58 - Portable Oil Lab

Oil in Water/Soil Analyzers

The InfraCal2 analyzer is the choice of experts for measuring oil in produced water; oil contamination in soil; and fats oil and greases in waste streams.
Featured Products 

-InfraCal 2 ATR-SP -  
TOG/TPH in water/soil, FOG in Wastewater
-InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP - TOG/TPH in water/soil, FOG in Wastewater

Fuel Analysis Instruments

Fuel analysis is an integral part of a fuel quality management program.

Featured Products

-SpectrOil M/F - Elemental & Fuel Analysis
-SpectrOil 120F - Elemental & Fuel Analysis

-InfraCal2 ATR-B - Biodiesel in Diesel
-InfraCal2 ATR-E - Ethanol in Gasoline